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Welcome to out new website... it's up and running, but still a work in progress. You will be seeing many changes over the next few weeks as we refine things and "fine-tune" our site.




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About Us

We are USA*American Adjusters, Inc.,  a licensed Oregon Repossession Company, serving the entire State of Oregon for over 40 years.


USA*American Adjusters, Inc. is a full service company, offering:

  • Skip Tracing
  • Field Calls
  • Investigation
  • Voluntary Repossessions
  • Repossessions
  • Transportation of Vehicles
  • Liquidation of Collateral
  • Vehicle "Bail Out" Services
  • 24/7 Access to Accounts through

USA*American Adjusters, Inc. will handle your Oregon repossession assignment in a professional manner. All personal data will be kept confidential according to the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act. We use shredders to protect every paper from falling into the wrong hands. Our 8 storage facilities are strategically located throughout Oregon; all have been inspected by an independent field service company hired by Recovery Specialist Insurance Group to insure that they meet all qualifications that they and you as a responsible lender would require.


Our corporate officers have extensive experience in the repossession industry:

 President-Marcus Waits has been the President of USA*American Adjusters, Inc. since 1996. He has been certified by RSIG in Oregon, California and Washington in Repossession case law, UCC, FDCPA and GLBA. He has also been certified by CARS.

 Vice President- Ron Waits has been in the repossession industry since 1984, he has been Vice President of USA*American Adjusters, Inc. since 1996. He has been certified in Oregon for Repossession case law, UCC, FDCPA and GLBA.

  Office Manger- Kathy Reed has been employed by USA*American Adjusters, Inc. since 1995, she has been certified by RSIG in Repossession case law, UCC, FDCPA and GLBA.


We utilize state-of-the art technology at all times.  Our License Plate Recognition technology is testimony to that fact:

2008 – USA*American Adjusters, Inc. was proud to announce the implementation of DRN, (Digital Recognition Network), also known as LPR (License Plate Recognition)

LPR (License Plate Recognition)... Cameras record and alert us when we receive a hit. Our Recovery Database Network RDN Software allows us to upload each and every day the new assignments received from our clients.

DRN utilizes a centralized database that receives license plate image reads from remote systems in real time via the Internet. License Plate images are stored in the database, and we can connect using a web browser to manually search for plate sightings. The stored information is also checked against several hot lists. If a match is found the database provides alerts via email, SMS Text, or pager, therefore dramatically increasing the recovery ratio.



About DRN

What is DRN?

DRN stands for "Digital Recognition Network".

How does it work?

With a national network of more than 440 recovery professionals ("Affiliates") operating 1,800 cameras covering all of the major metropolitan areas 24/7, DRN's Affiliate network has scanned over 300 million plates to date and consistently scans in excess of 1 million plates per day.


About LPR

What is LPR

LPR stands for "License Plate Recognition".

How does it work?

Digital license plate images are captured as they pass a camera, whether mobile or fixed. The plates are automatically cross-checked in real time against multiple local, regional, statewide and national databases to identify vehicles that are of interest.